Façade of Possibilities

Imagine being able to create the exterior of a building that represents more than just a balcony or a terrace, but a home whose design fulfils energy and noise protection requirements in one and whose materials are high-quality and sustainable at the same time.

More profit for the same living space

Lumon glazing leads to a significant increase in the value of a residence, as it creates additional living space that requires less maintenance.

Silence is the new comfort

Lumon’s quality materials and installations offer silent and covered space between the exterior and interior of the home. Lumon Glazing blocks 50% or up to 27 dB of disturbing outdoor noise.

Creating facades with style

Our high-quality glass products are both stylish and sleek and elevate any building façade. Style is about the details and we take care of each and every one. Every handle, every profile and every finish has been thoughtfully developed to achieve the standards of the best Nordic design and functionality.


Lumon Glazing – The Ultimate Experience

Over 40 years of crafted expertise and over 1 million customers all over the world.

As pioneers of frameless glazing in Europe, our experience is our best guarantee.

Combining contemporary Finnish design with the best quality materials, we are always seeking to innovate and improve our efficiency to offer the best experience.

Glazing insulation and energy savings. All in one.

Lumon Glazing serves as additional insulation and protects against extreme weather conditions. This can save up to 34% in energy costs in the long term for rooms behind the glazed space.

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Lumon Glazing

Lumon Glazing

Lumon Glazing

Lumon Glazing

Lumon Glazing

Lumon Glazing

Lumon Glazing

I certainly see the Lumon balcony system as an attractive option for owners or strata corporations looking for a way to improve energy conservation or to simply maximize the use of outdoor balcony space all year round.

Jamie Bleay, President of Vancouver Chapter of Canadian Condominium Institute

Customized solutions

Lumon Glazing is always tailor-made and designed according to the individual needs and specific dimensions of the building object.

Balcony glass solariums not only improve the structure of building envelopes, but it also has a sleek and modern appeal. The functionality and comfort of having a protected balcony space will further attract building residents and owners so that they can enjoy the outdoor elements from inside their home with added safety, versatility, and freedom.

Right to the top with vertical design.

Vertical architecture is becoming increasingly relevant in heavily populated, urban areas. Lumon Glazing, with its light, vertical design can be perfectly integrated into any facade design.

Security from the outside and inside.

Glazed balconies protect against strong wind, erosion or unwanted invaders. At the same time, even the little roommates can safely stay outside.

Planning Tools & Documents

For easy planning of balcony facades, we provide you with various tools and documents. In addition, our project managers and engineers are available for technical advice and calculations.

Lumon Glazing

High-quality products. Tested over decades.

We took our customer experience of 40 years, the best practices from over 10 of our previous product versions and gathered them all into 1 functional product family. But not just that – we tested all of these solutions in the most advanced test laboratories and in the most demanding one: the real world.

Sustainability: Hard to spell. Easy to practice.

Even with small steps and investments, a lot can be achieved in terms of environmental protection. The carbon footprint of balcony glazing is offset after an average of 3.5 years.

Project acquisition simplified

Lumon offers overall service and security in terms of design, construction and warranty for any building project. From a single source with just one contract.
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Designed for extreme weather

Technically and visually cohesive entity

The Lumon Glazing Sliding and Retractable systems are compatible with Lumon Railing and several roof systems. Patented glass mounting method and protected Lumon Blind integrations method.

Economically profitable

Housing associations benefit in multiple ways, including cost savings from extended maintenance intervals and revenue increases as a result of higher rent prices.

Lower renovation costs

Lumon Glazing protects balcony and facade structures from damage and decay over a long-term period of time, reducing the need for maintenance by 50%.

Energy saving and extra space. All in one.

Lumon Glazing protects your terrace and your home from extreme weather conditions and helps you save energy and money while increasing your home’s living comfort.

Long lifespan design

Designed and produced in Finland, our products are built to resist the stress of extreme Nordic weather conditions and are designed for years and years of dinners and nice moments.

Simple, yet easy design

Our user centered design focuses on functionality and simplicity for a seamless performance; vertical design handles improve security while giving that modern look and feel.

Increased noise cancelling

The highest quality materials, best design and perfect installation creates a barrier for external and internal noise.

Integrated blinds system

A very comfortable integrated system of Lumon Blinds helps you regulate sunlight and the temperature on your terrace while adding extra privacy, if needed.

Guaranteed quality

All of our products are certified and pass the most demanding quality and stress standards of the industry.

Safety first

Safety is our first thought – not an afterthought

Environmentally friendly design.

Designed to have a big impact on the world, not on the environment.

For new construction or renovation. Lumon fits and enhances.

Lumon Glazing is suitable for new construction projects but can also be installed later without any problems. The timeless design can be discreetly integrated into the existing architecture and enhances the property of the building.

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Tailored solutions

Let us make a tailored finish for your terrace. Lumon Glazing is always designed to your individual needs and to your terrace’s specific measurements.

Born and raised in Finland

All of our products are developed and produced in our in-house, modern production facilities.

Quality guarantee. 5-year warranty.

All of our products are certified and meet the highest quality and load standards in the industry. For each installed glazing we provide a warranty of 5 years.

Make the most of your project with Lumon.

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