Endless terrace possibilities

Imagine being able to enjoy life on your terrace even when it’s a bit too sunny, windy, raining, or snowing, being able to enjoy the views from your terrace without exposing yourself to the outside weather and being able to enjoy a sunset while sitting on your terrace having a coffee. When it comes to enjoying your Better Home, the possibilities are endless.

For every season

A terrace is commonly used when the weather is nice, but with Lumon Glazing, you can use your terrace all year round and make the most of your new favorite corner of the house.

We cannot change the weather, but we can create a place to enjoy year around.

For everyday life

Just like weeks are made of days, life is made of moments. Playing with your children, feeling like a kid again and simply having fun may make your week worthwhile. That’s why we want your terrace to be your new favorite spot, to enjoy every moment.

Whatever you want. Whenever you want.
For your lazy or creative moments.

For every moment

Just as the terrace shouldn’t only be enjoyed in the summertime, life isn’t only enjoyed on Saturdays. At Lumon, we want you to make the most of all the little moments of your day-to-day life.

In a comfortable and functional terrace, everyone can enjoy and forget their worries. It is a place to inspire and charge the batteries.



The terrace, your new favourite spot

We cannot make your terrace bigger by magic, but we can do magic to make the most of the space you have. Glazing your terrace or balcony gives a whole new life to your home and yourself.

Lumon Glazing

Looking for a balcony?

Our Lumon balcony glass systems can be customized for almost any balcony, and there are several options for you to choose from.

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“From the first day I got Lumon I haven’t stopped using the terrace all year round.”

Almudena Palacios
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“Here your local Campaign” of possibilities

A Terrace with endless possibilities opens up the opportunity for changes and renewal. It is time to enjoy the freshness of the morning and dine with views in the evening. Discover a new space in your own home and enjoy your better home.

9 inspiring possibilities
Lumon Glazing

Silence is the new comfort

Having a place to disconnect is one of the most precious things one can have. Lumon’s quality materials and installations offer silent and covered space between the exterior and interior of your home.

Lumon Glazing blocks 50 % of disturbing outdoor noise.

Redefining your life with style

Style is about the details and we take care of each and every one. Every handle, every profile and every finish has been thoughtfully developed to achieve the standards of the best Nordic design and functionality.

The smoothest experience

All of our designs are focused on delivering the best possible performance and experience. Every time you slide, pull or fold, you can feel the smooth and seamless assembly of our high-quality materials and design.

Lumon Glazing

Made for everyday life.

We took our customer experience of 40 years, the best practices from over 10 of our previous product versions and gathered them all into 1 functional product family. But not just that – we tested all of these solutions in the most advanced test laboratories and in the most demanding one: the real world.

Sustainability. Hard to spell. Easy to practice.

If each of us took small steps towards being kinder to the environment, we could make a big difference. You can’t easily see it, but glazed terraces are very energy efficient.

Over 40 years of crafted expertise and over 1 million customers all over the world

As pioneers of frameless glazing in Europe, our experience is our best guarantee. Over 40 years of crafted expertise and around one million satisfied customers all over the world. Combining contemporary Finnish design with the best quality materials, we are always seeking to innovate and improve our efficiency to offer the best experience.
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Designed for extreme weather

Technically and visually cohesive entity

The Lumon Glazing Sliding and Retractable systems are compatible with Lumon Railing and several roof systems. Patented glass mounting method and protected Lumon Blind integrations method.

Less has never been more

Smarter. Safer. More resistant. Full of great ideas. +40 years +1.000.000 Customer’s experience and +10 previous product versions gathered into one single flexible product family. Resistant, light and elegant. One product, thousands of ideas.

Add a smart living space to your home

A terrace doesn’t have to be huge, just smart. At Lumon we can’t make your terrace bigger, just smarter. Lumon Glazing offers added more space to your home and possibilities to your life. Summer night dinners, a spring morning yoga session, a spot for a calm reading winter evening…

Energy saving and extra space. All in one.

Lumon Glazing protects your terrace and your home from extreme weather conditions and helps you save energy and money while increasing your home’s living comfort.

Long lifespan design

Designed and produced in Finland, our products are built to resist the stress of extreme Nordic weather conditions and are designed for years and years of dinners and nice moments.

Simple, yet easy design

Our user centered design focuses on functionality and simplicity for a seamless performance; vertical design handles improve security while giving that modern look and feel.

Increased noise cancelling

The highest quality materials, best design and perfect installation creates a barrier for external and internal noise.

Integrated blinds system

A very comfortable integrated system of Lumon Blinds helps you regulate sunlight and the temperature on your terrace while adding extra privacy, if needed.

Guaranteed quality

All of our products are certified and pass the most demanding quality and stress standards of the industry.

Safety first

Safety is our first thought – not an afterthought

Environmentally friendly design.

Designed to have a big impact on the world, not on the environment.

One bright idea deserves another. The Lumon Blinds.

We designed the brightest glazing products ever. But sometimes you want them to be less bright, blocking heat or giving privacy. That’s why we created the smart blinds that integrates seamlessly to our Lumon Glazing products.

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Tailored solutions

Let us make a tailored finish for your terrace. Lumon Glazing is always designed to your individual needs and to your terrace’s specific measurements.

In-house production

We manufacture our products in our own modern & efficient production facilities, making the process streamlined with less impact on the environment. We ensure the product meets our high-quality standards.

5 year guarantee

All of our products are carefully engineered and designed to meet building codes and exceed customer expectations. Our products are backed by decades of research and development.

Make the most of your home with Lumon

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